Those who travel with us at Edible Destinations tend to leave with great memories and thoughts about their journey. We love getting feedback from our intrepid voyagers. Here, Susan from South Carolina, sent us a postcard of her recent visit to Carunchio, Italy.


“We are simply having a blast. The cooking adventure is everything we thought it might be and more than we imagined. This is a journey that I we will repeat and bring friends along to experience. The ancient villages here are stunning. You have no idea what it’s like, unless you visit, to stay in a palatial hotel on top of a green mountain. The views are spectacular and I am so happy that I brought my fancy camera to capture all of this beauty. To top it off, the cooking classes are so fun! I am a vegetarian, but everything that we’ve made so far is simple, delicious and entertaining. Obviously, the food is to die for in Italy, and the wine is so incredible. I am in heaven. We’ve taken trips to the countryside and visited artisans that press gorgeous olive oils. What haven’t we done? We saw fresh cheese being made and visited a bell foundry. Who get’s to see things like this? We are so thankful that we booked this tour and are more than a little bit sad to leave this beautiful place.” 


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Rocky Casale